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AstroLabs debuts entry to the Singaporean Market to support local companies expanding to Saudi Arabia

Singapore, Republic of Singapore | 18 April 2024

AstroLabs, the Gulf's leading business expansion platform, announces its debut to the Singaporean market to expand its support for Singapore-domiciled companies looking to enter Saudi Arabia, a key point of entry to the Gulf region.

Marking its decision to tap into the market, AstroLabs hosted an exclusive gathering of local high-growth businesses, in collaboration with World Forum Enterprise and Singapore Business Federation. The engagement underscores the firm’s global strategy and comes amid Saudi Arabia’s ascent as a premier business and industrial hub and a choice destination for companies across global markets, including Singapore, motivated by the ever-growing trade and partnerships corridor between the Kingdom and the southeast-Asian markets.

Alex Nicholls, director of expansion at AstroLabs, emphasised the growing interest from Singaporean firms to expand to the Saudi market, which has prompted the company to establish a presence in Singapore, collaborating with its local ecosystem, to cater to this demand.

“There’s been a noticeable rise in applications and business inquiries for Saudi Arabia from the side of Singaporean firms. By tapping into that market, we aim to capitalize on that growing interest, ultimately enabling a greater influx of Singaporean firms into Saudi Arabia to make use of the unique opportunities linked with Vision 2030-led projects as well as global events such as 2034 FIFA World Cup and Expo 2030, among others,” he explained.

With a comprehensive set of offerings, AstroLabs will work closely with Singaporean businesses, acquainting them with the local culture, compliance, and regulatory framework, and maintaining high-level communication with the AstroLabs network of partners from the private and public sectors.

Tonya Tan, founder of World Future Enterprises, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, “We are honoured to be appointed as the official partner of AstroLabs in Singapore, empowering high-growth businesses to expand into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are excited to support your journey from concept to revenue. Do connect with us for your business delegation trips, business matching, product launch events, corporate setup, coworking spaces, and human resources support — we look forward to collaborating with you on your next business venture!”

Over the years, AstroLabs has solidified its position as an expansion partner for global corporations. With a successful track record, it has assisted 1500 firms expanding to the Gulf region, including 600 in Saudi Arabia, across a wide spectrum of industries spanning over 37 sectors, originating from 50 countries. At the heart of AstroLabs’ mission lies a steadfast belief in fostering meaningful connections, breaking barriers, and building bridges for innovation and growth. AstroLabs will remain committed to leveraging its specialized global focus to enable forward-thinking leaders in Singapore to advance their Saudi expansion ambitions, playing a proactive role in maximising private-sector participation in Saudi Arabia and supporting its drive for economic diversification.

To learn about how you can enter the Saudi market, visit:

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